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Gravedona is situated in an enchanting gulf, protected to the north by picturesque mountains and allocated in a harmonious way, caracterised by small squares, lanes and alleyways. With its churches and monuments, testimonies of a past filled with historic and religeous events, Gravedona is surely one of the pearls of Lake Como.

It is the ideal place for people keen on water-sports and lovers of peace and tranquillity.

The area offers countless alpine destinations and various trails for mountain bikers and trekkers immersed in the quiet of secular woods which together with the magnificent surrounding mountain peaks and the many mountain lakes present unique views.

Gravedona and territory

Grava: a word which, amongst the frequent Ligurian roots of names still remaining in the altolario region, indicates a stony coast or headland.

Today Gravedona does not have the same aspect of when it was given its name: it is now characterized by the pastel colours of its houses immersed in the various shades of green which paint the background of that once stony headland, giving an air of calm and tranquillity. That headland, lapped by the blue waters of the lake, presents a mysterious colour which invites one to deep and thoughtful meditation.

Spread out at the foot of Sasso Pelo, laid in the alluvial plain of the Livo torrent called "Poncia" and stretched out across the gulf waters into which all of its history is reflected, it looks across to the mount Legnone, to the Christian conscript Piona and to the gates of Valtellina where the river Adda flows into the lake.

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The Roots of an Identity

Its history can be related in its churches and monuments where all the cultures brought here by the major Strada Regina (Queen's Road) merge; this road has always been a precious link between the South of Italy vi ...

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Monuments and Churches


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Art in northern Lake Como

The north Lake Como as a charming open-air museum, where you can enjoy a nice day exploring historic buildings in landscape contexts still preserved and know the history with the help of trained guides.

Historically it is known as the land ...

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The Lake Como

comer seeIt is the third Italian lake as a surface with 145 km ² and the first for perimeter development with 170 km. It is located 199 m s.l.m. Among the deepest in Europe , has depths in cryptodepression. It is the fifth deepest basin in Europe with its 410 ...

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Numerose sono le città di interesse storico-artistico che si possono raggiungere da Domaso.
Lago, montagne, storia e arte questo è ciò che il nostro territorio può offrire e ancora, parchi naturali e archeologici, valli incontaminate dove pass ...

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